You have the rest of your life to go work for a big boring company. Do something different and make an impact at a startup.

At First Round Capital we're searching for the brightest undergrad engineering students to pair with our portfolio of over 170 companies for full-time positions and summer internships. Our portfolio companies are filled with some of the most talented engineers on the planet, tackling the biggest, most difficult problems and you can help.

It's never been easier - just fill out the common application below to instantly be connected with 170 companies. We will review every single application and if you're exceptional, we'll suggest companies that might just be the perfect fit. Do it. Fill it out. And become a part of the First Round Capital Community.




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Full time

Self Skills Assessment

Be honest. Don't worry about scoring yourself high, we're just using this to learn more about your specific skill set so we can match you to the right job. An internship or new grad job is supposed to be a learning experience.

  Aware Semi- functional Savvy Prolific Guru
Frontend web (ex: HTML, CSS, JS, jquery)
Backend web (PHP, Rails, Django)
Object oriented programming (ex: Java, C++, Python)
Mobile (ex: iOS, Android)
Databases (SQL / NOSQL; ex: MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra)
System Administration (ex: Windows, Unix administration)

Applying for an internship through First Round Capital unexpectedly landed me a dream internship at a cutting- edge stealth startup of 12 employees - ToyTalk, Inc. It was honestly the best work experience I've had to date and I worked with a truly amazing and fun-loving team. I got to walk into work every day and talk with the CEO and CTO - I really felt like part of the team. But I never would have heard about ToyTalk unless I applied through First Round Capital.

Will Drevo at MIT

What is more frustrating to you?

Sloppy code
Missing a deadline

Which do you think is a more productive team dynamic?

Constant collaboration and shared projects
Occasional collaboration with a focus on individual productivity

Personality fit

Which traits are most important to you? Rank them from 1st (most important) to 5th (least important).

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Creative and innovative
Efficient and reliable
Detail oriented and meticulous
Social and team oriented
Intellectual and stimulated by learning

What areas are you interested in working in?

E-commerce/Consumer Web
Financial Tech
Ad Tech
I'm not picky

Where would you like to live?

San Francisco
Silicon Valley
New York
Greater Los Angeles
I'm open to ideas

What size company would you like to work at? (Number of people)


What companies are you interested in interning at or joining (could be First Round or non-First Round Capital)?

Is there anything else we should know about you?

Please share a few of the projects you're most proud of – could be a website, open source project, app, or anything in-between

Where can we find you online?

I was fortunate enough to be matched with a company that appealed to my interests, and that was also able to teach me a lot in terms of both skills and general work experience during my internship. It was an added bonus as well that I was able to complete the process from my dorm room as school work accumulated.

Marianne Jullian - Princeton

If we find a potential match for you at any of our companies, we'll be in touch soon!